Wholesale Trade Operations

While managing potential risks proactively, Akenerji develops its products with the aim of using its assets and opportunities in the most efficient way. Leading the changes and developments in the sector, Akenerji not only produces its own generation capacity, but also supplies from other producers’ energy, and injects liquidity into the retail and wholesale market. Conducting its energy import and export operations, Akenerji carries out foreign trade operations in Bulgaria and Greece. Akenerji maintains its entire works in this area with the principle of making the most of each unit of energy generated.

Going from strength to strength in wholesale electricity sales, Akenerji Elektrik Enerjisi İthalat İhracat ve Toptan Ticaret A.Ş. now manages a portfolio far larger than its production capacity. Fully aware that reducing costs arising from energy disequilibrium boosts profitability, Akenerji continues to expend efforts in this area. To take measures against risky price fluctuations, the Company keeps a close watch on changing market prices, and takes the necessary measures within the scope of risk management.