CEZ Group

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, CEZ Group is an established, integrated energy group with operations in a number of Central and Southeastern European countries and Turkey. The Group’s core business is the generation, distribution, trade and sales of electricity and heat, trade and sales of natural gas, and coal extraction. CEZ Group has 26,000 employees.

The largest shareholder of its parent company, CEZ, a. s., is based in the Czech Republic with a nearly 70% stake in the Company’s share capital (as of June 20, 2014). CEZ, a. s. shares are traded on the Prague and Warsaw stock exchanges, and included in the PX and WIG-CEE exchange indices.

CEZ Group companies in the Czech Republic extract and sell coal, generate and distribute electricity and heat, trade in electricity and other commodities, sell electricity, heat, and natural gas to end customers, and provide other services. Their power generation portfolio consists of nuclear, coal-fired, gas, hydroelectric, and other renewable sources. To ensure continuity of CEZ Group’s successful market presence in the Czech Republic, which it considers crucial for its business, its power generation portfolio is being renewed, upgraded, and developed extensively, and distribution networks are upgraded and developed.

Abroad, CEZ Group focuses mainly on Central and South eastern European markets. Its main activities there include electricity distribution, generation, trading, and sales. CEZ Group’s subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Ireland are holding companies and companies providing financing.

CEZ Group is the owner or co-owner of production and distribution assets in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey. In Poland, CEZ Group operates two hard coal-fired power plants and two hydropower plants near the country’s border with the Czech Republic, and owns a developer preparing the construction of wind parks. In Romania, CEZ Group is involved in the generation of electricity from renewable sources, as well as in electricity distribution and sales. In Bulgaria, it distributes and sells electricity in the western part of the country. In Turkey, CEZ Group and its local partner operate a distribution and sales company and generate electricity in gas-fired and hydroelectric power plants and wind parks.

In many European countries, CEZ Group trades in electricity and other commodities on wholesale markets. CEZ Group sells electricity or natural gas to end customers in the Czech Republic, as well as Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, in particular.

At the same time, CEZ Group’s business activities are governed by strict ethical standards that include responsible behavior toward employees, society and the environment. In its business activities, CEZ Group embraces the principles of sustainable development, supports energy efficiency, promotes new technologies, and creates an environment for employees’ professional growth.

In its strategy, CEZ Group reacts to new trends in the energy sector. It enters new business fields and offers its customers innovative products and services tailored to their needs.

It is CEZ Group’s mission to provide safe, reliable, and positive energy to its customers and society as a whole. CEZ Group’s vision is to bring innovation to resolving energy needs and helping to improve quality of life. Its corporate culture emphasizes safety, continuous growth in internal efficiency, and the promotion of business segments’ and employees’ initiative in order to grow CEZ Group’s value.

For detailed information about CEZ Group, please visit www.cez.cz