Quality Policy:

We strive to offer reliable, economic, environment friendly power to our customers, and to meet growing power requirements with our quality focused approach.


Environmental Policy: 

Our aim is to make investments for the future of clean and sustainable power, to minimize potential risks considering the environmental impact of our activities, to achieve maximum production by using modern technology practices, and to consume natural resources in the most efficient way possible. We further aim to shape our environmental ethos “to perform our operations at all times based on an environmentally sensible approach, in order to make our future at least as bright as today”.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

We attach ultimate importance to health and safety at every level of our operations, in accordance with an approach that favors the philosophy “People First”. Our priority is to ensure that our employees work in a happy and peaceful environment, that they commute between their homes and workplace safely, and that we reach the highest occupational health and safety performance by integrating all practices stipulated by law into our business model.


Information Security Policy: